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Eliminate Roof & Norway Rats and Mice problems quickly, all work guaranteed with service plan.

Trust JS Pest Control to set up baiting and traps for your home, office or complex. We are the local experts in rodent control!

Sign of an infestation:

  • You see a living or dead rat
  • Partially eaten food
  • Gnawing marks on structures and other inedible objects
  • Feces, urine, & tracks

Rodents are not only unsightly and carry many diseases capable of being spread to humans through feces and urine.




Do Not Wait To Call:

  • Rodent populations in the wild are kept down by natural predators but in human dwellings where harborage and food are abundant and temperatures are comfortable, the number of rodents can boom.
  • House mice will give birth to 3-16 young per litter and will give birth to a new litter about once per month.
  • Norway rats will give birth to 2-33 young per litter and will also give birth to a new litter about once per month.
  • House mice will leave 40-100 fecal droppings in an evening and will leave 3000 droplets of urine in 24 hours (imagine them running across a food counter).

Norway & Roof Rat House Mouse

Our  Protection Plan will prevent and control mice and rat infestations in your home or office.

Our trained technicians will conduct a thorough inspection and plan a rodent control program that will be effective and responsible in order to protect the health and security of your home and family.

Call us today and ask one of our representatives to arrange a service that meets the pest control needs of your home or business.

We recommend the following preventive procedures for your home and office in order to prevent infestations from developing and growing:

  • Trim trees and bushes at least three feet away from buildings.
  • Cover garbage cans and remove any debris away from exterior of building.
  • Weather-strip exterior doors.
  • Seal crevices around doors, windows, vents and outdoor plumbing entry points.
  • Screen all windows and vents.
  • Keep food, garbage and birdseed in sealed containers. If you have birdfeeders clean up bird seed that falls onto ground.
  • Store all food products including coffee, tea, sugar, salt, jelly etc. in closed tight lidded hard plastic or metal containers.
  • Clean all food debris from your areas where you eat and your office desk area, lounge tables, and food and coffee preparation areas on a daily basis.
  • Do not throw out wet or moist drinks or food in garbage receptacles but instead wash out food and drink containers in a sink before disposing.
  • Try to keep all storage materials off the floor in your basement, garage, crawl space and offices in order to eliminate nesting areas and allow for thorough inspections.
  • Correct exterior and interior moisture problems including leaking flashing, clogged gutters and downspouts, roof leaks, plumbing leaks.

These additional recommendations can help keep other pests (including carpenter ants other crawling insects) from infesting your home.

  • Remove tree stumps within 50 feet from a building.
  • Seal knotholes in damaged trees.
  • Make sure that the grading of the soil is tilted away from foundation walls.
  • Keep leaf litter away from the foundation of building.
  • If you use mulch keep it six inches away from the foundation and do not overmulch.
  • Store firewood off the ground and away from buildings.
  • Only bring firewood in the house that you will use that day.
  • Eliminate wood to soil contact.
  • Replace any rotten wood.
  • Reduce condensation in attics and crawlspaces by making sure there is proper ventilation.
  • Eliminate standing water outside in old tires, kiddy pools and birdbaths

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When you call JS Pest Control, a technician will come to your home or business and perform a complete initial consultation at no charge.

Next, we will develop a pest elimination program designed for you by your technician and our team of in-house entomologists.

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