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Carpenter Ant Extermination

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Carpenter Ant major worker Camponotus vicirus

Carpenter Ants cause millions of dollars of damage annually to homes and buildings. They do not eat wood as termites do, but rather chip out wood in order to make a nest inside of walls, beams, sills and joists in a house.

Carpenter Ants, commonly referred to as 'big black ants', can reach 1 inch in length. Some may even have wings and vary slightly in color (red/yellow).

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When you call us for carpenter ant extermination, you can expect it to be done safely and effectively. We'll start by providing you with a free inspection to correctly identify your pest problem, which is key to applying the right treatment. Our certified entomologists won't misidentify winged carpenter ants as termites, like many other companies do.

Our treatment is backed by a full guarantee to put your mind at ease. We are so confident we'll get rid of your pests the first time we offer a 1 year guarantee on our treatment that is renewable. By the off-chance there is a reinfestation, we will come out and retreat at no extra charge. We also offer free emergency service for even the most inopportune times.

What Can I Expect?

When we treat your pest problem, it needs to be a partnership with the property owner. Treatment of the problem needs to include "prevention" techniques to maximize its effectiveness.

Branches and shrubs which are touching the structure should be trimmed to prevent direct access to the home. Where possible, it's also recommended to reduce the amount of mulch and use stone instead if the property is prone to carpenter ant infestations. Any unnecessary earth-to-wood contact at the structure should be minimized, including the removal of any decaying or damaged wood which can harbor carpenter ant colonies. It's also recommended to eliminate the cause of the decaying wood, whether it's a leaky pipe or clogged gutter. This is the type of thoroughness you can expect from Eastern.

Signs of infestation

Sometimes you will see sawdust near places it should not be. They chip out wood to make colonies to nest inside of. Any indoor nests are typically satellite colonies to a larger nest outside the home. Carpenter ants need to have access to moisture in order to survive, so you may find them indoors where food and drink are accessible.

Are Carpenter Ants harmful?

These ants are generally harmless to humans but are known to damage structures. By hollowing out the wood to nest inside, they are weakening the structure. If left untreated they are detrimental to the health of the home.

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